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Our values

Love is for everyone!

We believe in people and we believe in love. We believe it’s important to show respect for each other, to be understanding and forgiving. We believe it’s important to love yourself, love others and to be loved.

Hasselströms stands for diversity, equality and universal love.


Very considerate “Västgöte” who’s lived in South Korea, South Africa and the US. Has a huge interest in renewable energy and bulding things (bikes, tables, anything really). Is brilliant at coming up with surprises but not so good at keeping secrets. Knows 32 digits of Pi, but has never found use for it. 

Is a techie and knows all about photography and filming technology.  


Born in Ludvika, a small city in Dalarna, Sweden (means she speaks with a funny accent). Has travelled around the world, twice. Loves sharks and dogs and especially Ludde, a 15-year old cheeky crossbreed (dog, not shark). Hates cilantro but loves spinach. Knows how to drive a forklift and fillet a salmon in 30 seconds. 

Loves art, pretty things, hugs and kisses and her camera. 

The Hasselströms

It all started about five years ago. We had been shooting portraits, street photography and macro photography for a few years. Then all of a sudden we got a request to shoot a wedding. After that we just knew that we wanted to focus on weddings and nothing else. I guess you can call it love at first sight. 

We’ve documented romantic weddings, barn weddings, church weddings, outdoor weddings, quirky weddings and we love them all. Every wedding is so special and unique and that’s something that we really appreciate. 

The part that we like the most about weddings is the people. We’ve made new friends and met so many wonderful and kind people. We’ve also met people who appreciates our artistic vision. There’s no greater joy than creating art out of love and being appreciated for it.